Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Are We Doomed?

    Aren't we already doomed, hasn't our generation already killed and destroyed good journalism by wanting to look at sexual crap and reading about celebrity's and their lives? WE ARE DOOMED!! We come up with these really unbelievable stories and even the most random-est and stupid story can pass and go on the telly, newspaper, magazine, or especially social media websites.

    We all know the big story that came out a few weeks ago about the actress Angelina Jolie and her preventive double mastectomy she got to lower her chances of getting breast cancer. Admittedly there was buzz about great she is and then stories about Brad Pitt and how he protected and was by her side every step of the way surfaced. More and more stories spinned off from this one story and became more about her boobies then about what a remarkable, and courageous thing she did and to share her story for other women to be inspired and start thinking about breast cancer is a very again courageous thing to do. We make these really significant stories into these twisted unimportant, uninspiring things because we take them to a level where they just don't need to go.

The Most Read Stories in the last 72 hours on


    You can even go on social media sites and see the most random-est stuff ever! For  example CNN Breaking News website you would think is a pretty political  and worldly channel/website, right? Well, not so fast you get the one story  of a lifetime; Beyonce get's her booty slapped! Really? This is CNN where  we get world breaking news from and we get stories on Under pressure, Facebook says they'll do more on Hate . That is a real social issue on which  tons of people are trying to stop, hate and bullying on social media websites, but we still get these booty slapping stories because that's the kind of stuff people want to see and watch. Newsrooms are going by the social media sites and the more, and more by the public then by their own investigating and real reporting.

    We're more interested by other's and their lives then our own and what's happening in the world. Since celebs are such an easy target we take their lives and we get interested in them and we write stories on these famous people and since they entertain us and gives us music and films and books we think it's okay to just bash and praise them as we, please. Jay Rosen's Pressthink last year posted something on today's journalism and says, " Journalism will improve when it is made more useful to people." and " The profession of journalism went awry when it began to adopt the View from Nowhere." Maybe those things are true? We seem to get are opinions these days from nowhere and with all this crappy "journalism" people find no reason to watch the news, or tune into the real important facts.


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