Friday, April 12, 2013

Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier

    From this case I learned a lot about freedom of speech and how limited we are as students in school to say what we want and feel, even in a school newspaper. Finding out that public schools can limit our freedom of speech in school, but not the government, doesn't make sense to me. Hearing the other cases I learned that the 1st Amendment is everywhere and somehow really our rights to the 1st Amendment has gone down because of our socitey and the world we live today. It was interesting to hear someone say, "I love my country, but hate the goverment." Learning this all means... I know my limited rights in school and out in the world. I know as a journalist what my limits are when I write a story and put out in the world for all to see.

    Limitations that have been paced on the media are I think for the most part right. As a journalist you wnat people to look at your story and read. You want to be published in a newspaper, or tabloid and ultimately people want money. So you'll see any one do what they need to do get the job done so they get their cash prize at the end of the month. In other cases I think the media as in papparizzi need more restrictions, as a person I put myself in that celeb's shoes and I know I wouldn't want a camara man in my face every five seconds walking down the sidewalk. As for articles and writing I think there it's fine because writers can wrtie and update people on the controversal issues of today's times and people can read and see all sides of the a story.

    For school media and limiting us with speech and having the right to take out a story, or whatever, I think we need just a little more freedom. I think if we weren't so restricited then we could talk about bigger and more controversial topics and students oculd read them and hopefully get a reality check, or just open their minds. We do have the right ot freedom of speech and to take part of that away is wrong. In the Hazelwood case the principle decide he didn't like the topics of teen pregency and divorce that were written and instead of telling the students he just took out the stories. At least tell them; is what I think and through going to court and the Supreme Court it was ruled that though government may not have a say in speechin pubblic schools, the school does.

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