Thursday, March 7, 2013

 I think this story is really important for all students to think about for college and getting a job while your in college. It gives you some free tips on what they expect to see at an college interview; behavior, clothing, and what to go in the interview expecting. You also get a few tips on the transition from college to career and that you should focus on professionalim and to go in the interview with realistic expections on how much responsebility you will get in the first week of your time working at a place.

  In the interview they gave people espically people who are seniors in high school and in college free tips on how to get a job more so correctly. You got to see a few slides with the info so you could write them down and not forget. The producers brought in Paul Timmins from the Career Services director for the U of M's College Libral of Arts and they did a interview with him and he answered questions and going into great details.

  In the beginning they had a survey by and gave statics of the umemployment rate in the majority of U.S cities. They tell you that college studnets are jobless or under employed meaning that if you graduate in May or June you go find a job when the job market is flooded or "off" season. With that they tell you that students should check with their studnet services and take advantage of those services.



  1. I like how you chose something that would appeal to our generation. It's not a story for grown-ups, but for students in high school.
    This story was good because it gave hints to young adults just entering the professional world.
    You're explanation was perfect. It really gave me a feel for the video before i watched it.

  2. Good choice! This was a very informative video. The guy interviewed had a lot of good advice. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about. I like how you selected a story about a current and important topic. Good job analyzing it too!

  3. this story was alright, it didn't really catch my attention right away. Having some student interviews would have made this much more interesting. Having their opinion on finding jobs would have put the listeners in the students point of view. This has a good subject to write about though. You explained the video well. The video didn't really have any thrilling points other than the knowledge behind the feature.