Sunday, February 23, 2014

Future of Newspapers

In the articles I have read and seen and the presentations I have listened to, I have come to a conclusion that newspapers are coming to a slow end and "technology journalism" is so in! For the first time in class I am agreeing on something. I for the most part my self read newspaper websites off my phone, or magazine websites off my phone. My phone is the main thing I go to, to look at journalism. (In some small way that is a little scary & sad.)

I almost don't want the newspaper to go away because sometimes I do read it, and I feel so old school and vintage when I do- I like that feeling. Whenever someone reads the newspaper I think it is so fun because it is such a old age thing we think about. We now have apps, magazines, and magazine type of newspapers that we go to for news now and so with that I think in time, the real paper newspaper that you get on Sundays or every single, and read with your morning coffee will be gone. Reporting I think will be more personal though and straight to the point it seems people are not interested in the long and short of an article, they like, "here are the facts and here's what's happening" kind of a story.

During the preparation of this project I felt like I didn't have much to do, I wanted to go a little deeper in the idea, but nobody seemed that interested. The concept though I love because I love women, I am proud to be a women and I love talking to women and talking about women. We are very interesting creatures, but complicated too. Taylor in my group put the idea out for an all women's magazine, then I came up with the name; First-Wave Females.

Something I would differently in my group would be a little more in "their face" about what is going on because with feeling like I had nothing to or I wasn't making anything I felt a little lost in the process. I did help come up with ideas and such, typed them down for us, but nothing like creating the cover page. With the cover page I thought we could of done better and I know how to "work" InDesign, but I didn't want to start anything like drama.

I would defiantly use the idea of an all women's magazine or app again because I just love that idea, and again I love women and talking with and about women. In future or even now women would like this because in the world we live in today it's hard for us. We are put up as objects and things to many and in the workplace we are stilled paid less then men. So, the appeal for women is totally there.

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