Monday, March 3, 2014

Choice: Is it good or bad???

We are an advanced generation that keeps moving forward. We don't settle for something that is nice because we want something that is beautiful- the best! Which is exactly what has happened journalism today. Blessed with the option to only read what we want to read and nothing more is a choice, we make it.

We don't seem to look back when it comes to news because we have so much going on right now, here and now that who wants to take the time to look back on the better times? (my opinion) Now is the better times and we are striving for the all time "American Dream". America is a nation constantly moving, moving, moving. So, we need a reliable source to get our news, but we also like to pick up once in awhile that new issue of Vogue, People, Life, Time, etc.

I think we need choices because without choice we would be robots. Doing the same thing day in and out, and we would be totally bored with ourselves. Now social media and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, they don't always give us choice. They give us what we want, we they think we want. It is as if they want us in a little bubble.

Now, when choice comes into an equation I think peoples' minds get blown up because we really don't know how to make a decision on a choice we have. Think bout it... they other day my sister, Ella (4), she asked me for something to drink and I led her to the fridge and said, "You can have juice, water, milk: soy or cow, or have some of momma's ice tea." It took her 5 minutes to make up her mind, then when I was pouring her the drink she changed it! Ella changed her mind like 5 times- I got frustrated.

Keeping on topic cause we could go into a whole other topic there, but that is choice making from a 4 1/2 year old's level. Think of what choice we have to make today as teenagers: Should I get the soy latte, or the mocha? Should I go to the concert, or stay home and do my homework? Adults who work at high corporate banks-that's tough. Choice is all around us and we can't defeat it, we can only base or choice by who we are as human beings and by our... values, morals.

Making bad choices I think usually results in the consumer. Again, 'should I go to that concert tonight or stay home and do homework?' Answer: CONCERT!!! Or 'I could go to work today, but I can have that girl take my shift...won't go to work today.' We can make up all these answers because they are rarely any consequences to our choices, or decisions. So, we think 'I can skip work again and it won't be problem.' 'I can skip school another time and it won't matter and another time.' Because usually we can get away with our choices, maybe sometimes we have to take the fault for our choices, but we get the illusion that our choices don't effect us.

As a society though, they have. I think that we have become closed minded. We only believe what we want to believe and not be challenged for it, but the minute someone challenges our views, beliefs; our guard is up and we get angry. Customizing sites I think has been a big reason for that. People now are only getting sites, friends, and recommended pages that are most likely in the perspective that they believe.

Magazines give you alot to look at when reading; numerous photos, stories that are in depth, and deep. Newspapers are fresh news that have real content that is recent, while magazines are old when we get them; probably a month old news. But magazines have real stories they are long and very descriptive- they give a more deeper look at the person of the story. In writing stories that are under 140 characters or less I think would be easy because that is how we usually talk to eachother; 140 characters or less. So, I think we are moving with where 'technology journalism' is going.

I spit out so much in this blog, so to over view. We are constantly moving forward there is no backwards for us as a generation who strives for the American Dream. Our news intake that we get everyday is becoming smaller, we only get the kinds of stories we read every day- it's only in our viewpoint. Choices are great, we're not robots let us think for ourselves because with all this striving we want to go somewhere, but we need to learn how to make better decisions. We need to learn from our past bad choices and as far as journalism in newspapers or magazines, under 140 character... well, lets say I think the newspaper will never die because again, it brings us solid, recent news, but we are going to want that Vogue issue of Rihanna already on stands because she is an icon to many women in today's world. Shorter news I think will be "in" soon because 140 characters or less is how we talk we to eachother all the time.


  1. Nice blog! I really liked the part about how news is filtered now and we only read what we want to see not other people's views or opinions that may differ from ours. I also liked the summary you did at the end because there was a lot to this blog like you said and it was a great way to wrap it all up.

  2. Nice job on this blog! I agree with Hannah, when she says that it was a good way to end this blog. There was a lot of info you were sharing, but you in-cooperated strong transitions. Making it easy to keep reading. However I did find like five or so typo's.. but that is all really. Good work!

  3. I like the example you give about your little sister and beverage choices. It is a good look at the issue that Barry Schwartz lays out. You also say that choice is a big part of the American Dream equation and you're right on with that. It would be hard to separate the two, and maybe we shouldn't.

    You do a good job of relating choice to a wider scope when you relate them to your values and morals. To some extent, your morals influence your choices and your choices define your morals. When groups make decisions, either consciously or not, they create a system of ethics. That plays in to so many aspects of life - from the right speed to drive on the freeway to the actions of a church or a group of journalists. It's such an important thing to consider.