Monday, April 14, 2014


    I don't consider myself to be a good page design or anything like that. With that said, as much of a lack of confidence I had with designing and feeling like what I had done was good, I had so much just fooling around on InDesign and using different tools; learning a few new things that I didn't know this past year using InDesign. Working on Hoofprint has taught me alot about design and how to be better designer.

    When it comes to the technical side of design with font, shapes, size, blocks, color etc. I somewhat space out, but I feel like I have a good grasp on design. I do think design is important when it comes to your page because you want to look at your page and look at it for what...ever? But you want your page to flow, you want the elements to all flow together on the page and have the consumer be able to move down, across your page.

     With design you can make things bold and pop that catch someone's attention. What you may or may not bold, highlight, or extenuate may or may not a person's view on topic. What I have come to learn with learning more on design is that very same thing; what type of font, what you bold, what kind of pictures you include in the blog, and how you use the space on you page, all can determine how someone perceives or thinks of something. You can pull someone to into something or a person can look at the page and flip to the next one because they are not interested in the page and what is has on it.


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