Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Media Creating Your Own Reality..

The Corporate Media of this generation has become more concerned about how much money they make, then the consumers who are making accounts with their company and, or store. We in the process are making them BILLIONAIRES! We contribute to social media and popular stores like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Target, etc. everyday. Now there are some positives when it comes to using social media. Sharing photos with family & friends who are long distances away, interacting with people you don't see often, or even letting people know in your life what you're doing. But then there are some poor choices of social media.

People diarrhea all over social media! "He loves me, he loves me not", "we're friends, no we're not friends", "why are you guys, so mean to me?... Bitches", "They're not my friends, now they are." People run their mouths and they don't shut up; people loose their jobs sometimes because they run their mouths about an indecent at work or another co-worker, so head bosses think they can't trust that person who just diarrhea d all over their Facebook account about a situation.

These sites and apps have made us make this persona about ourselves that has us become one person on their site, and through text as well, and another with people. We can't do face to face with people we avoid people at school or in public, but on Facebook, "Oh! Love you sweetie!" It is bizarre to me and I think that these social sites/apps have contributed a lot of this bizarre-o behavior on these sites. They have given us an out when it come to doing life with others. I'm saying I am against Facebook, Twitter, etc. because I use them for purposes of school, extended family, church, etc. But I think these sites have done most of us good.

When we do spew these things these companies keep our data like Snapchat. They keep a copy of the photos we snap and the words we put with our photos.. that is a bit scary to me! I am a very private person in general, so unless I have known you since childhood, or your family, friend... you're not going to know anything about me. So, knowing that these social sites that yes, I do contribute too are taking these private details of my life and possibly are going to try to make a sale off it. It's scary and thinking about how more involved and advanced we are I think that we really need to educate our younger generation!

The elderly generation is not advancing, even some may own an iPhone they still read a newspaper. I saw an older the other day eating his lunch and reading his newspaper. They are fine with how they get their news. Now, we may still subscribe to a magazine like Vogue, People, etc. Which is entertainment news, but mostly our news comes from WCCO, channel 5, Kare 11, and the news channels broadcasted from those networks. We have news on the go too. With apps that we can download on our iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc.

Bottom line, why aren't okay with how we are getting news now? What do we have to keep looking to how much better we can get our news? People seem fine with how they get already today... people have a system that seems to work for them in how they get their news. Most importantly out of anything we need to know how to use our sources and sites for news and media properly because many do not know how, and that's a big problem.

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