Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I have had fun thinking and discussing this topic. Satire... I honestly had no idea what it was, I thought it was something you did with chicken before you cook it, but that obviously didn't really make sense I thought quickly after. In discussion time it made sense that we are less informed about world news then Europeans because news here is boring! I get why people pay attention to Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart because their funny. They crack jokes and people laugh, they also inform you about news and "worthless" facts while making you laugh.

For me satire is a tool used for comedians to do the one thing that we all want to do... COMPLAIN! But we can't complain and express ourselves the way we want all the time because then people would get mad and controversy would start. But for people like Jon Stewart who uses his own show to use satire on world issues and politics, he could go to town on complaining about our gov't, the people in our gov't, and how our society is because he uses satire = making people laugh = people not caring.

Fake news, or the headlines on Yahoo, Google for this generation is better to them because a) they're technology based and b) we like to get away from the moroseness of the world... we want to laugh and have a good time and not care about stock going up or down, or gas prices.

Now, me personally I don't watch satire. (Well, I do, but I don't.) I watch BBC News, but also World News on CNBC, etc. They [I feel] are bringing the news as it is. They stick to the facts and they know what they're doing. I used to watch CNN, but their discussion shows they would have about a certain case or topic were just too much because it would drag for 5 hours at a time. There was nothing holding me back from flipping the channel at the break. Plus, the discussion always felt one sided no matter how many people brought up a different view.

So, with that said I do think there are certain news show/ channels that need to changed their attempt on making news. I would like to see news channels be like... none denominational when it comes to politics, religion, etc. Because I think that that's where a lot of one sided opinions happen and the corruption of a news channel wanting profit because a certain group of people like to watch it. If we're watching the news why not make it accessible for everyone to watch?

Shows like the Daily Show again [I feel] are are comedic outlets for people at the end of the day. They make you laugh, yes they show and bring a different side of a well talked about topic, but they're entertainment. I believe entertainment is not news... doesn't have the same feel... and shows like World News, the BBC, etc. They do bring news, they inform you of things going on concerning our country, military, companies here in America, certain high globe world events that effect us.

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