Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

    I did a 20 people, 1question which means I ask 20 people the exact same question. My question was, "What do you think, or hope will happen to you in the afterlife?" The response to this question was very intersting to me. It was the same, but in a different way for each person I asked this question to. Here are 5 responses to the question.

  • "I think I'll go to heaven, I don't know- because I want to."- Hanna Smith
  • "I know that when I die I'll go to heaven to be with Jesus. I will spend eternity in the prsence of His glory and joy!!!."-Hannah Johnson
  • "Hope to see my friend Cliff because I want to know he went to heaven."-Lars Swanson
  • "I think I'll go to heaven, I don't know because I think there is one."-Brenna Dahlin
  • "I hope I will live with God in a love relationship that I have never expirenced her on earth. That I would be happier and free-er with Him. I think it would be cool to go on adventures with Him too."-Natalie Iverson

    This question seemed to get people thinking and some people seemed to just say, "I don't know." It was almost hard for me to ask because I thought, "What are people going to think or say? Are they going to blow me off?" Turns out almost everyone has something to say when it comes to the matter of their life after their death.


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