Saturday, February 2, 2013

Febuary 2, 2013

    A recent story has broken out this past week. A five year old boy from Midland City, Alabama has been held hostage for 5 days now. It is said that the boy is to have Asperger's syndrome and an attention deficit disorder, the boys name is not known at this time. No one knows why the motive of this kidnapping. The suspect is Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65 a Vietnam War veteran and retired truck driver who moved to Midland City 5 years ago. A important thing is that police officals have been in 'constant communication' with Mr. Dykes. Now the suspect had agreed and let police send down into the bunker, that the he is keeping himself and the child in, coloring books, crayons and prescription medication that the boy needs.

    Now how this all began is on Tuesday January 29, 2013 at 3:40 pm. The little 5 year old was taking the bus home with his other classmates his bus driver shuttling the little ones and dropping them off when Jimmy Lee Dykes boarded the bus. He demanded that the bus driver, Charles Porland Jr., hand over two children. Poland, 66, refused blocking the way into the ailse of the bus. 21 children were reported to escape out of the bus from the back emergency door. The gunman shot Poland 4 times then grabbed the little boy and barricaded them into a near by bunker. Now it is not known if the gunman, Jimmy Lee Dykes was after a specific child on the bus.

    This is a very shocking story and so sudden too. It makes you think of your young children and look at them and really feel blessed and lucky. I find this story not only shocking, but raw. Peoples emotion's in these type of situations seem to get fried or come to the surface and sizzle. I think parents across the country are thinking of this story and this story will be on the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Anytime a story that invovles a child I think it's nerve-racking to people because the situation is involving with a innocent child. A child who hasn't fully expirenced life expirenced the wonders, joy, happiness, and possiabilities this world can have to offer you and give you these days.

    This story I think goes with the theme: when do we know these type of situations are going to happen? How can we really know that our child will safe when coming home from the bus? I mean this little boys parents obviously didn't know this man was going to grab their son and hold him captive. It's been 5 days now and how do they know something bad isn't going to happen? And then, how do we handle our emotins? I can't imagine the pain they must feel after all this time. They don't know what will happen to their son. How is this all going to play out?

   Many, many emotins can play out here: desperation, worry, out of controlness (if that is an emotion-you can definently feel it) and the feeling of disgusit of the man who took the little boy.

    I can only wonder what will happen to this little boy. How will this all play out? Will the child come out of this safe and sound? Will he end up being killed? Who knows what will happen, but I hope that the media will not try to make anything up out of this and really be a calm, soft voice for the people who are watching and reading about his story.



  1. I liked this post, I didnt know people were really like this. It really opened my eyes.

  2. I, too read this story, and had much of the same thoughts as you about it. I enjoyed reading this because it had a lot of personal opinion along with it. Also, the amount that you wrote added to the 'professionalism' of writing.

  3. This is a real problem, concerning the child and Mr. Poland. He should be honored for his bravery, because not everybody would do that. Hopefully, the child taken will be returned to his family unharmed.