Monday, February 18, 2013

Febuary 18, 2013

    On Monday Febuary 11, 2013 Pope Benedict XVI annoced that he was stepping down from his position as pope after seven years. When this story broke the world was shocked and people started to bring up the question of why? Pope Benedict said it was because of his age, 85, and that he relized from some travels that he couldn't fully do his taskes as pope.

    Of course after this broke many rumors were flying all over the place and assumptions. Stories of the pope may go on trial becuase of a phone call. Then there are some more relistic stories about the pope; Pope Benedict shoes true leadership by resigning and Vatican: Cardinals could meet sooner to choose new pope. Another interesting angle to this story is the world's reaction. Even some Catholics commented on the retirement and how they feel about it.
Historian: Pope's resgnation is noble

    With all the reactions and assumptions out there, there seems to be some good solid information is out there. Supposedly he is going to be a background pope, but not going to be able to say any advice to the new pope or sign off on anything. As for living situation he will still be living in Vatican City a city that is in heart of Rome, Italy. Many details with his living situation is still very unknown.


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  1. Thanks for a solid summary of a story that affected not only the nation but the world. I wonder what the coverage of this was like in Europe. Wouldn't it be interesting to see the Italian papers?