Monday, February 25, 2013
Alfred Eisenstaedt took this photo of Jackie Kennedy and her daughter Caroline in 1960.

    Everyone knows the Kennedy's and the legacy they have left behind in American History. John Kennedy was our President which brought his family higher into fame and his wife Jackie. Jackie Kennedy was a stunning women and a devote to her family and work as First Lady, she dazzled the world with her style and elegance and her confidence. Underneath the surface of the so called "glamorous life" that people thought John and Jackie had there was heart ache and frustration with John's affairs with multiple women. Jackie at one point mentioned divorce, but instead stood by her man. 

    The picture reminds that Jackie was more than the First Lady and an icon to people, but a mother. All she wanted to do was be a hands-on mother and be there for them. With her working schedule and duties how could she? It must of been hard to sneak a hour or two with them. You can see happiness, concentration, and delight on her face. She savors each moment she can get with her little girl and she loves reading, drawing and spending time with her. How she must want to stop that moment and be there forever reading her a bedtime story.

    It makes me wonder though... is this photo lying? I mean were, they modeling for Alfred the photographer? Was there no real moment between Jackie and Caroline because if it ins't they're good models. This photo caught my eye because i have always loved Jackie Kennedy and have found her to be an interesting person, so to her with her daughter is... interesting and it makes me think. Think of their life and how it must have been and if there were any other moments like that one?

Drew Peterson

    Drew Peterson on February 21, 2013 was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the murder of his third ex-wife. This case did not hit until October 2007 when his 4 wife, Stacey, disappeared. It was during the search for her when investigators looked into the death of Peterson's ex-wife more and in February 2008 ruled it to be a homicide. Peterson had since then been on trail for first-degree murder. Drew Peterson is a former police officer from Bolingbrook, Illinois he has publicly yelled in court he did not murder his ex-wife and has been said to be called by the prosecutor, "cold-blooded killer."

    You can't even see in the photo Peterson's eyes and he seems so cold and mean seems like he's mentally ill. You feel for his kids he has had with his past 4 wives and it makes you think of what they must think of their dad now being in prison for this heinous crime. Think of the boys he has with the ex-wife who is dead, what do they believe? Do they agree with the prosecution or not? His fellow police officers he worked with while he was on the force, how do they think of Drew now? Are some of them still loyal friends and standing behind him all the way?

    I have to step back and just look, look at everything in the past 4 years that has happened. This man has been on trail and in custody for 4 years and now he is convicted to 38 years in prison, which is good, but I ask, "Why now?" Why not convict 4 years ago when it seemed pretty clear that he was involved with his 4 wife's disappearance and pieces of evidence from the murder seemed clear and easy to solve. Noted he has been called by the Pastor of the church Peterson went to, "scary." People in the community and neighborhood he lived in have spoke out about Peterson and they're not good things to say.

    I have known about this case since it all came out and I haven't followed it continually and I didn't know he was due in court. When I saw this photo I knew who he was and thought, "Thank God it's over." It has been an interesting case to look at and to follow. I hope in the end the people that Drew Peterson was in and touched have been affected by this badly in anyway.

Picture of priests performing a Hindu ceremony, Ganges River, India

    This picture represents this year's Hindu Holy Festival in India. The festival lastes for 55 days and for each day the people do something to signifie Hinduisum. In this picture Hindu priests are performing a ceremony besides the Ganges River during the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad. Other events people have done are Holy Bath, bridge crossings to go and dip in the Ganges River, and lots of praying. Praying at the train station, in the streets, and at holy Hindu temples.

    In these photos you can see the faith the people have in this religion and there obeidence to it. Doing rituals and holding parties and festivals and the roads in local Indian cities have gotten so bad, stampedes have started. A women was trampled over and left for dead on the street when a local merchant in the city helped her to a hospital. The stampedes have killed 36 people in Allahabad.

    You can see the difference between the American culture and the Indian culture. It is so commen for people to celebrate Hinduism and to have a festival because everyone there or 95% of people living in India are Hindu. So this picture gives you a little look into the culture and how they celebrate their religion and it shows their dedication too.

    I ad heard and study in a class about Hinduism and how they celebrate it in India and when I saw this photo it was complete different from what I had thought in class studying it. The ceremony the preists are doing was something I had never seen or heard so I thought it was intersting and very wild almost. You would never see that here in Minnesota and so it is cool to flip through the pictures and look at the pictures of this festival.



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